EV Experience Packages
While some eagerly adopt new technology, others need more time to consider all the benefits before making the switch. Our  EV experience packages will help guide you through every step  towards owning and operating an EV, Getting the right fit for your needs is important.  We want you to have the best opportunity to experience what an EV can do for you. We have driven EV's for over 3 years, can give you a realistic picture of what to expect in range and whats affects how far you can go in an EV.
If we don't have what you want in stock we can find the right car for the right price for you via our Source and Supply service and we will discount our fee by 20% if you have had an EV experience package with us.

The 3 & 7 day packages include:
  1. An introductory session to orientate you to the car and its features, expected range and how / where to charge.
  2. An opportunity for you to ask any questions / concerns you have about making the switch and support through out the EV experience.
  3. Access to our free road trip guide so you can do what you want during your EV experience..
  4. Rental of an EV of your choice - from what we have in stock
  5. If you buy a car off us following an EV experience we will discount the price of your EV experience package of the purchase price.
EV Experience Pricing Options
There are two options to choose from! Choose what best fits your need and budget.
3 day / weekend
7 day / week
Please let us know more about what you are hoping an EV can do for you